Starting with your GoLabel II Software

(windows installation guide)

**this installation guide is specifically tailored to using the GoDex GE300 as a satin ribbon printer, we don’t discuss printing barcodes and labels)

Let’s get started with the GoLabel II software!

Once you inserted your CD (or downloaded the GoLabel Software,) you will be guided to install the GoDex GE300 Printer Drivers*, and software.

*Ensure to choose the USB Port when selecting the printer port to install the GE300 printer.

Once the drivers and software has been installed, you will find the shortcut to the GoLabel software on your windows desktop.  To start the software, double click on the GoLabel icon (shown here is the latest version of the GoLabel II software)

GoLabel II

The GoLabel software will open to the initial screen, and automatically be ready to start a new print job, displaying the page setup screen.

GoLabel Startup

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* only if required the software will initiate printer drivers