Getting to know your GE300 Printer

Step 1 : Unpacking your Ribbon Printer

A quick video on unpacking your godex GE300 printer, and what’s in the box!

Step 2 : Installing the ribbon and resin in your printer

This next video explains how to insert the resin, and the (satin) ribbon into your printer.

Step 3 : Connecting the printer

Take the power cord (two pieces) and join them together as illustrated in the image below. 


Godex Power Cord Intallation 

insert the jack into the jack slot on the back of the printer, and take the plug part and insert into a wall socket.

power cord installation two

Now, take your USB printer cable, and insert it into the back of the printer, and the USB part into your computer’s USB port.

install printer cable

Finally, make sure the printer power is turned ON, using the on/off switch on the back of your printer.  If everything is installed correctly, the LED indicator on the top of your printer will light up and turn green after a few seconds.

switch on the printer

You are now ready to start using your Godex GE300 Printer!

Make sure to install your GoLabel II Software on your computer before we can start printing. (follow the link if you did not receive a CD with your printer).

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